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Anderson Water Systems is proud of the level of customer service we provide for both our existing customers as well as our potential customers.

We have customer service agents, available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., who can answer your questions regarding a system for your future needs, or any questions or concerns regarding your existing systems.

The customer service department can be reached at 1-800-836-2509.

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Clean and pure water filled glass in Rochester NY


We believe in educating consumers about their water supply.  Below are a few important studies we would like to share with you.

Getting the Lead Out: The Flint, Michigan water crisis has caused countless communities to question what is in their water, Monroe, NY is no exceptions.

Chromium 6 Report:  The controversial "Erin Brockovich" chemical is found to be widespread and unregulated in U.S. tap water.

The Battelle Study: Outlines some of the benefits of softened water on household appliances.

The President's Report On Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk:  Says to filter your water and only store it in stainless steel or glass containers.

Softened Water Benefits Study: Discusses energy and detergent savings.

The New York Times Toxic Water Series: A series about the worsening pollution in America's waters and regulators responses.

Drilling Down series from The New York Times: Articles in this series examine the risks of natural-gas drilling and its effects on our water and efforts to regulate this rapidly growing industry.

2009 Infrastructure fact Sheet: The American Society of Civil Engineering ranks America?s drinking water infrastructure a D-.

Cracks in the Facade: Twenty-five years ago the Environmental Protection Agency linked "fracking" to water contamination. This report follows the research.
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