After the 2022 Christmas Blizzard knocked utility power out across much of Western New York, our team decided to start a Christmas Mission; to help protect one deserving family, by giving and installing an automatic backup generator.

We began taking submissions in October of 2023 and our office was flooded with entries, but one entry brought a larger awareness to light; the entry from Ken Hansen.

In 2009, the Hansen's daughter, Amanda, tragically passed while at a sleepover due to a carbon monoxide leak. The home did not have a working carbon monoxide detector. Since 2009, the Hansen’s have made it their mission, extending beyond New York, to create and mandate Amanda's Law, which requires that every home must have at least one working carbon monoxide detector.

We are committed to helping the Hansen’s and our customers spread and uphold Amanda’s Law, by making certain that each and every customer is protected, with at least one working carbon monoxide detector, in their home. If not, we will provide one, at no charge.


Our team enjoyed our first Christmas Mission so much that we have pledged to make the event annual, what we call: The Power of Giving!

Taking story submissions, now, for our 2024 Christmas Mission / Generator Installation, at:


Do you know the importance of having a carbon monoxide detector in your home?

Carbon monoxide often goes undetected, until it is too late. It is an odorless and colorless gas that can be produced by common household appliances.


Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, often going undetected until it's too late.


The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide and the Importance of Detection

When it comes to the safety of your family, don't take any chances. It is important to have at least one working carbon monoxide detector in your home.


Immediately assess the beep:

Determine if it's a low-battery warning or a CO alarm.

If it's a CO alarm:

Evacuate everyone from the premises right away.

Call emergency services:

Do this from a safe location to report potential CO exposure.

Wait for clearance:

Do not enter the building until professionals say it's safe.

Address battery issues:

Replace the battery or the entire unit if necessary.

Perform regular checks:

Ensure the CO detector is functioning correctly through routine maintenance.

Protect Your
Family with


Our Commitment to Your Safety

Anderson is dedicated to providing thorough and reliable inspections of our products, including checking for a carbon monoxide detector. With our help, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and your family is protected. If you have any questions, call or text us at 1-800-836-2509 or email through our secure contact form. Do you have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home?

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