Bottled Water vs. Filtered Tap Water: Which Should You be Drinking?

Drinking plenty of water is a must to stay hydrated and healthy. As a first world country, we’re fortunate to be able to choose from multiple sources when it comes to our drinking water. Bottled water and filtered tap water are popular choices, but the question is, what’s the best option? Below, we compare the two, and cover what you should take into consideration when making your decision.


How much are you spending on your drinking water? While bottled water is convenient, and available in different volumes to suit your needs, the cost of bottled water can add up over time to become a very expensive habit. Drinking straight out of the tap is far cheaper, but you may not always know what’s lurking in that water. Filtered tap water offers the best of both worlds: Pure drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. A whole house filtration system may cost more up front, but it will save you a large amount of money over time.


Some may argue that bottled water is more convenient, and they aren’t wrong. When it comes to travel or a trip to the gym, having a pure bottle of water on hand to hydrate with is a great thing to have. However, this same convenience can be had for much cheaper with filtered tap water. All you need is a few reusable water bottles. Then you can fill them with your filtered tap water as needed—which is both easier on your wallet and the environment.


While bottled water may be convenient, the effect it’s having on the environment is anything but. Both the creation and transportation of bottled water leads to more air pollution, and the plastic bottles themselves are filling our landfills at an alarming rate. While recycling helps, the truth of the matter is that our recycling efforts can’t keep up with the rate at which bottled water is being used. Installing a water filtration system in your home eliminates the need for the use of plastic water bottles, while still giving you pure water to drink.


Both bottled water and filtered tap water can be better choices when compared to unfiltered tap water or well water. However, while the water inside the plastic bottle you buy may be pure, the concern lies within the bottle itself. The jury is still out on just how safe that plastic is. It’s bad for the environment, but the chemicals contained in the plastic also have the potential to be bad for our health as well. Conditions like hot weather can cause these chemicals to be released into the water, immediately resulting in contamination.

Filtering your tap water will allow you to have more control over what’s in the water you’re drinking. You can also choose the container you drink it out of, so you can have the peace of mind knowing that your water is free of impurities and potentially harmful contaminants.

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