Top 5 Reasons You Should be Testing Your Well Water

As a homeowner, it is crucial to be sure that your water is clean and safe to drink whether it is from a well or municipally supplied. Avoiding testing your water can lead to sickness and in worse cases, disease. Follow along to learn 5 important reasons you should be testing your well water.

1. Broken Well Cap

A well cap separates pollutants from your drinking water, from bugs to contaminants. Sometimes things such as violent weather and flooding can cause your well cap to break. If you don’t know that it has broken and are continuing to drink your water, you may be drinking pollutants without even realizing it. Consuming some of these pollutants have the potential to cause health problems.

2. Track Changes

Changes can go unnoticed because water can often taste, look and smell the same. Over time, the quality of the source your well water is coming from can change suddenly. Getting your water tested can give you reassurance that your well water source is still clean and safe.

3. Keep Data

Stemming from tracking changes, you can keep the data from each water testing. Keeping the data allows you to compare the new data and the old to be sure that there aren’t any significant changes in your water.

4. Make Sure The pH Levels Are Normal

The pH level tells you how acidic or basic your water is. A change in your pH levels can cause your water to taste and look different than normal. If the pH isn’t normal, it can damage pipes and cause metals to leak out of the pipes into the water. (CDC) If you notice a change in your water, you should get it tested immediately.

5. Nearby Contamination

If your well is located near a local dump, junkyard, landfill, factory, gas station, or dry cleaner, your well may be at risk. Contaminants from these types of places can seep into the ground and contaminate your well. If you live near one of these, getting your water tested more frequently is a good idea.

Private well water should be tested a minimum of once per year. If you wish to avoid frequent water testing, installing a water filtration system is the best idea. To learn more about our water filtration systems, and to keep your well water pure and safe, contact Anderson Water & Power today!