What You Can Expect After Installing a Water Treatment System

Whether you’ve already made the switch to a water treatment system for your home, or you’re still on the fence about having one installed, there are plenty of benefits you can expect after installation that make it a worthwhile investment. A whole house system can provide safer drinking water in homes that rely on municipal water systems, or those that are hooked up to a private well. Below, we cover just a few of the major benefits a water treatment system can provide for you and your family.

1. Safer, better tasting drinking water

A whole house water treatment system will filter your water right at the point of entry where it enters your home, so every water source in your house will produce safer water for drinking, washing, and bathing. A filtration system can remove potentially harmful contaminants, and minerals that can give your water a bad taste or smell. The result is safe water that tastes fresh and pure.

2. Plumbing and appliances that last longer

The chemicals and minerals present in tap or well water can leave deposits and build up that can damage both your pipes and your appliances. Filtered water is free of these contaminants, and will extend the life of your plumbing and appliances. Less repairs, maintenance, and appliance replacement means more money saved!

3. More money in your bank account

Extending the life of your plumbing and appliances is just one way you’ll save money with a water treatment system. Bottled water costs far more over time than a water treatment system, which will allow you to eliminate the costly habit from your budget. You’ll also save on soaps and detergents. Treated water is softer, creating a natural sudsing action so you’ll be able to use less soaps and detergents with the same results. Hard, untreated water does the opposite, and can eventually lead to build-up on fabric, dishes, and appliances.

4. Healthier looking skin and hair

The build-up caused by hard, untreated water can also lead to soap and shampoo residue on your hair and skin, causing them to look dull and unhealthy. Treated water will eliminate this build up. It also tastes better and is better for you, encouraging you to drink more, which leads to improved skin hydration.

5. Peace of mind

The peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re providing clean, safe drinking water to everyone in your home shouldn’t be underrated. A whole house water treatment system also allows you to be more prepared should disaster strike. If contamination occurs in the municipal system that supplies your home with water, your water supply will still be safe thanks to your treatment system.

Interested in having a home water treatment system installed? Learn more about the options and benefits here, or feel free to contact us! Our highly trained water technicians will help you find the best water filtration option for your home.