5 Reasons Why You Should be Testing Your Tap Water

As a homeowner, whether you have municipally supplied water or a private well, it’s a highly recommended best practice to get your water tested. Doing so will help ensure that the water you’re using in your home is safe. Maybe you’re still wondering, “why should I test my water?” Here are 5 reasons why you should be testing the water in your home that will show you why it’s well worth your time.

1. You might think your water is fine but that may not be the case. Most pollutants have no obvious smell, taste or color. They can be harmful and can only be found through laboratory testing.

2. Due to primary plumbing materials, lead and copper are commonly found in drinking water. Having exposure to lead and copper may cause health problems as serious as brain damage.

3. The statistics alone are a valid reason to get your water tested. 50% of private water systems fail at least one water drinking standard. Although it may be just one failure, it could be a serious chemical in your water.

4. Getting your water tested frequently is also a good idea since you can keep the data. If anything ever contaminates your water in the future, you will be able to prove to the government that your water quality was not always damaged.

5. A simple, yet important reason is to keep your mind at ease. It’s good to know that the water you’re using to drink, bathe, and wash with is pure, and that you and your family are safe from contaminates.

After getting your water tested, you may be interested in installing a water filtration system. A whole home water filtration system will help keep your water pure and contaminant free. Learn more about the options and benefits here, or feel free to contact us! Our highly trained water technicians will help you find the best water filtration option for your home.